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In nowadays pretty much all computers, even laptops, come by default with multiple network adapters. In this tutorial I will explain and guide you how to manage the order of which the applications installed on your, Windows XP powered, computer to use these network adapters. For the purposes of this tutorial we have used Windows XP computer sith Service Pack 3. These instructions however are valid for Windows2003 Server, WindowsVista and Windows7 also. The main difference is just the approach to get to the fist step. Besides that the options are present in all operating systems offered by Microsoft Corporation.

So the first step as we have mentioned is to get to the Network Connection screen. In Windows XP the quickest way to get there is by right clicking on the desktop icon which says My Network Places and the go to Properties menu option. Another way is from Start -> Settings -> Network Connections.

Once you open the network connections you will see the list of connections configured in your Windows XP. From the top navigation menus you should go to Advanced -> Advanced Settings. You have probably never seen this option there even that it is available from quite some time. Do not worry it was a nice surprise to me too when I have discovered it at first place

Once the Advanced Settings dialog window opens in the first section in the Adapters and Bindings tab you will see the list of the network connection available in Windows. In our example I wish that all applications on my computer try to use my LAN connection if it is present. This way I will guarantee a better security and higher speed that with the Wireless. To setup my Local Area Connection to be the fist in the list I had to click on the connection and than use the arrows at the right side of this panel to push it to the top.

Once the connection you prefer is at the top of the list you can organize the way the other connections are. Once you are ready with organizing the priority of network connections you need to confirm the changes with the OK button. The settings immediately take place so no restarts are needed.

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